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At Dent Dinamo Clinics, teeth whitening is performed by specialized dentists under all the special safety rules. Teeth Whitening in Albania is performed with innovative zoom whitening lamps or lasers. At Dent Dinamo, you will be provided with the best teeth whitening care, in each one of the clinics that we suggest you visit. 

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The doctors, dentists and the fellow workers of Dent Dinamo are specialized and obtain post graduate degrees, all around the world. They have a wide range of experience and knowledge in the field of dentistry. With continuous improvement, we monitor and take part in scientific developments globally.  

Our clinics are created with the criterion of comfort, relaxation and safety of our patients as well as the usability for the best provision of services, in Albania. We use state-of-art technology and at the same time we apply methods which prevent, diagnose and treat in the best way, in order to ensure the oral health of our clients. On the other hand, at Dent Dinamo you will be provided with low-cost teeth whitening treatment but with the same or even better quality with any other dental clinic.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is the procedure which is performed by a specialized dentist in order to achieve the correction of the color of the patient’s teeth but at the same time to increase their teeth brightness. Thanks to the whitening process, patients with yellow or discolored teeth have the opportunity to improve the appearance of their teeth and regain a healthy as well as a bright smile.

Teeth whitening removes the pigments from the teeth and ensures an all-white smile. The materials used in dental clinics are safe and do not interfere with the structure of the tooth but only with the color. Teeth Whitening is performed only on natural teeth. This method does not whiten porcelain veneers, cases or resins.

Who Needs a Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Causes which lead to the need of teeth whitening:

  • The age. Over time the teeth lose their clarity and their original structure and turn yellow.
  • Pigments from bacterial products, food, beverages, soft drinks and tobacco, penetrate into the structures of the teeth and cause their staining.
  • Some medications, such as tetracycline, obstacle stain or stain teeth.
  • Dead teeth, even after denervation, often turn black.

Which are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

If you are thinking of having teeth whitening, then you should not worry as it only has benefits for you and your oral health. Let’s see below the main advantages of teeth whitening treatment:

  • It Boosts Self-Confidence

With a simple teeth whitening, your self-confidence will be boosted. Whether you are at work, on a date, on the street, at a presentation, a smile with white and shiny teeth does not pass unnoticed by people. White teeth also show those around you that you like to take care of yourself and your personal image, which is very charming.

  • Gives Points to your Appearance

You may have the healthiest and straightest teeth, but you are not undefeated by the natural deterioration that everyone faces from the food and drink of everyday life. Food, coffee, tea, and soft drinks stain our teeth, over time. After proper teeth whitening, you will immediately notice a difference in your denture. Teeth whitening helps you fight obstinate stains from foods and drinks.

  • Reduces the Appearance of Wrinkles

If you do not like your wrinkles and you are looking for a way to camouflage them, then you should consider teeth whitening. It may seem strange, but it’s a very effective way. Instead of focusing on the wrinkles on your face, they will focus on your beautiful, clean and white smile. The same goes for other scars that you may have on your face, such as acne scars or freckles.

  • It does not Cost Much

Do not be intimidated by the cost. Teeth whitening does not cost as much as a plastic surgery. Just visit your dentist for a professional teeth whitening, and then keep your dentures white for longer with a home whitening kit. So, at a very low cost, you will enjoy a bright smile for a long time. It is a relatively economical intervention, since other procedures which improve the color of your teeth (faces) are much more expensive.

  • Quick Improvement

The quick and easy improvement of the smile, when there are no other dental problems

  • Non-invasive Process

The non-invasive (grinding) whitening process, which when done correctly does not cause problems in the dental substance.

  • Color Result

The best aesthetic color results when bleaching precedes other aesthetic interventions, such as resin or porcelain veneers and porcelain cases.

Why is Teeth Whitening a Great Service in Albania?

Albania is not only a popular destination for your holidays, but is as well becoming a visiting country due to the low prices of dental care services. Albania offers its clients the best dental care and cosmetic surgery from the most qualified professional dentists and with lower prices than those of the dental clinics that perform around the world. 

Tourists who decide to visit Albania for medical or dental reasons come from various countries, such as France, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and so on. In Albania you will be offered and provided with a comprehensive dental care service with exclusive, high quality, certified products and dental materials as well as the most affordable prices of dental services.

On the other hand, teeth whitening services in Albania are distinguished from the individualized approach to the performing of all phases of this dental treatment process. At Dent Dinamo we are convinced that the quality, safety, prices and professionalism are the key factors for any dental care treatment around the whole world. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth Whitening is only effective on natural teeth and not on artificial restorations such as fillings, crowns, bridges or resin / porcelain veneers. Therefore, if the prosthetic restorations are extensive, then teeth whitening is not possible. In the case of localized restorations, their replacement after teeth whitening treatment may be necessary if a significant difference in color occurs.

The patient should avoid eating foods and beverages with dyes such as red sauces, beets, red fruits, red wine, coffee, spices, etc. This diet with avoiding foods with strong dyes should be applied both during treatment and for a period of at least one week after the treatment of teeth whitening.

Many times, teeth that have been denervated, with older techniques, acquire a dark shade. To achieve the color of denervated teeth we use a completely different technique from those already mentioned. Teeth Whitening of denervated teeth is performed only by the dentist in the doctor’s office. In this case, whitening material is placed inside the tooth, which is closed with a temporary filling. We leave the teeth whitening material around 3-4 days while at the same time we monitor the evolution of the color. The process is repeated for as long as needed. When we achieve the desired result, the bleach is removed and the tooth is now normally sealed.

In modern dentistry, the risk of whitening does not exist as long as its application protocol is explicitly followed and no exaggerations are made. On the contrary, it can be dangerous when done with products on the mass market as it can cause burns on the gums and corrosion on the surface of your teeth.

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