Tooth Extraction in Albania

Dent Dinamo collaborates with the most appropriate and of the highest quality clinics in Albania. The combination of the most modern medical equipment and the experience of the well-trained scientific staff, ensures you an excellent result through the individualized approach of each of you. You can have a tooth extraction in Albania and never worry about the safety of the procedure. We only help you find the most qualified clinics.

Tooth Extraction in Albania.

Tooth Extraction


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The dentists that are a part of the Dent Dinamo company receive satisfaction when you smile and they approach problems with respect and humanity. Our philosophy is to give a flawless, radiant, healthy and functional smile to every patient, based on specialized experience and high-quality services. Even if you live in Sweden, France, Switzerland, Italy or in the United Kingdom, Dent Dinamo is here to help you choose the most appropriate tooth extraction service or any other dental treatment. 

The tooth extraction cost is very low and the tooth extraction dentists in Albania have a wide experience in the field of dentistry. This makes them suitable even on emergency tooth extraction or any other emergency treatment that a client might need. If you think you are experiencing any kind of pain which is lasting for several days or even signs of infections which might include fever, pain, and pus or drainage from the incision then you can book an appointment with Dent Dinamo and we will take care of any other details.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is one of the most well-known dental procedures. It is a process that can be performed at all ages and provide a definitive solution when necessary. Tooth extraction is the process of removing the entire tooth or root from the jaw bone. The dentist who is going to remove a tooth should get a complete medical and dental history to determine the existence of any contraindications or in general all those factors that can cause problems in the process or during recovery.

The extraction is performed after local anesthesia of the tooth and the surrounding area of ​​the tooth; therefore, it is completely painless for the patient. The difficulty of extracting a tooth depends on the position of the tooth but also on the extent of its damage. The front and upper teeth are more easily extracted. While teeth of the lower jaw and the back of the mouth present a greater degree of difficulty for their extraction.

In modern dentistry, which aims mainly to prevent tooth loss, extraction is now considered the last resort and is performed only when the dentist has exhausted all other possible therapeutic solutions, through which, it is impossible to treat and tooth rescue. In case that the dentist deems that the extraction of a tooth is more complicated than a simple extraction (e.g., wisdom teeth), the patient is referred to an orthodontist.

When is a Tooth Extraction Recommended?

There are many reasons why you may need to have a tooth extracted. For example, if you have:

  • A broken tooth which cannot be repaired due to an extensive fracture, or an abscess (a purulent collection) in or around your teeth.
  • Gum disease (periodontal disease). It is the most common cause of tooth extraction in people over the age of 40. Due to bone loss the tooth shows great mobility.
  • A tooth damaged by advanced caries, because it has created extensive loss of tooth substance and its restoration with a crown is considered impossible or unsafe.
  • Orthodontic treatment: when the jaw is crowded (too many teeth), the removal of specific teeth is considered necessary in order to create space to align the remaining teeth.
  • Enclosed wisdom teeth. When they have erupted and their position is not aligned with the rest of the teeth, as they have an outward or inward inclination, they can cause injury to the soft tissues of the oral cavity.
  • Problems with the eruption (appearance) of teeth: in childhood it may be necessary to extract a tooth, if this prevents another permanent tooth from erupting properly and cannot be moved with conservative methods of treatment.
  • Complete denture placement: when there are few teeth left in the dental block that cannot support the construction of a partial denture, it is necessary to extract them in order to build a complete artificial denture.
  • Failure of endodontic treatment: when the tooth does not respond to the attempt of endodontic treatment (denervation), the extraction of the tooth is one way. Respectively, the solution of restoration of the total nostril with Dental Implants is the most reliable and with excellent specifications for a long-term result.

There are also some non-dental reasons that can lead to the choice of this solution. Specifically, when patients:

  • are going to be irradiated to treat tumors in the facial area
  • are going to undergo immunosuppression due to diseases of the immune system
  • do not have the financial means to follow a treatment for the preservation and rescue of a tooth and its extraction is the most economically viable solution

Which are the Benefits of a Tooth Extraction?

There are some benefits that you are going to experience after you get your teeth removed.

  • Protect the Surrounding Teeth: If your dentist has detected a tooth infection then your entire teeth are at risk. If you ignore the infection then it will continue to progress and get worse as the time passes and this can lead to a spread infection through your complete mouth. This whole situation can be avoided if you choose to have a tooth extraction.
  • Pain Reliever: When you remove your natural teeth then as a result you can be relieved from pain. Many dental issues have a progressively hard feeling of pain, if they continue being untreated. When you take the decision of removing it, then your pain level will relieve and then have the opportunity to start a new tooth replacement.
  • Protect your Comfort: An infected tooth can bring you severe discomfort. This means that you might be experiencing trouble when eating or speaking in your daily routine. When having a tooth extraction then your source of discomfort will be removed, at the same time. 
  • Not Being Out of Options: When you are having a tooth extraction then you leave a clean slate for your dentist, in order to replace it with a clean dental prosthetic. In this case, you can enjoy exceptional oral health, once more.

For What Reason is Tooth Extraction a Great Alternative, in Albania?

Albania offers a lot of opportunities to foreign patients, when it comes to dental care treatments. If you decide to have dental tourism in Albania then you will be able to access the most specialized care of dental clinics. You will be provided with dental treatments which will not require you to have long stays but which also allow you to experience a period of relaxation in Albania.

Dental Tourism in Albania is cost-effective and you can elect professionals who possess high qualifications for dental care treatments in all herds of dentistry. You can contact the clinic that you want to visit and ask for the proposed treatment plan and cost. This will give you the opportunity to distinguish which clinic is proper for your dental needs. 

All the organization of your accommodation or the transport that you need, will be completed from the clinic. The clinics will come up with the most convenient, fast and at the same moment economical way solutions. You can start your dental treatment plan and at the same time relax at the most beautiful and scenic places of Albania. In the end, you will surely be accompanied by a guide to the Tirana airport or the port of Durres.

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