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If you think it is difficult to find the most suitable dental clinic for All on 8 implants in Albania, then Dent Dinamo is here to help you. As you probably know, Albania is not only known for its picturesque places, but also for the exceptional dental services that it provides. Dent Dinamo offers you the opportunity of experiencing the most amazing treatments for your dental needs as well as the most interesting moments in Albania. We showcase some of the best clinics in Albania so you can choose freely.

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What are All on 8 Implants?

An All on 8 dental implant placement is an implantation that is completed in just one stage with an immediate loading. If the patient has a complete adentia – which is a term that refers to a loss of all the teeth, then this is the most suitable method. 

The protocol of this implantation is that it does not require any bone grafting. It is said that 90 percent of those implant cases can be completed without any preliminary correction of the jawbone density. Over and above that, the prostheses get placed promptly and this allows the patient to return to his or her normal lifestyle in just a few days after he or she completes the implantation procedure.

Within 2-3 days after the dentist fulfills the implant installation the fixed denture is getting placed. This is an important step because it brings back functionality similar to those of your natural teeth. It also boosts the self-confidence of every patient. Beside that, the prosthesis is a necessary part for your bone tissue health as well as for the loading of your implants.

Indications for an All on 8 Dental Implant Procedure

  • Complete or almost complete adentia of the upper or ever the lower jaw
  • Presence of tooth aching, mobile or even rotten teeth that must be extracted
  • Notable reduction of the jawbone density
  • Impossible action to perform bone grafting
  • Rejection of removable dentures
  • Tooth restoration in heavy smokers
  • Periodontal inflammation
  • Bone tissue inflammation
  • Patient of an elderly age

Basic Characteristics and Benefits of the All on 8 Implantation

  • The protocol of this procedure uses 8-14 dental implants for every row of your teeth
  • Prompt Installation of the prosthesis – after placing the roots then the system is installed in just a few days
  • Inclined placement and installation of lateral implants
  • Cement-retained or screw-retained fixation of dental prostheses on your implants
  • A procedure that does not require any bone grafting
  • An implantation which can be completed at one and the same time with a tooth extraction
  • An involved 3D modeling on the protocol, of the treatment process for an eventually ideal and excellent result

Who is a Candidate for an All on 8 Treatment?

The all on 8 implant treatment is recommended for those patients who have a complete arch of missing teeth, or those who are planning to have any remaining teeth removed as well as replace with dental implants. This treatment offers a stable, long-term alternative solution to the traditional dentures. 

The Procedure of an All on 8 Implant Placement

The all on 8 procedures usually take a total of just two visits which are typically spread over 3-6 months. After your dentist completes a physical assessment of your jaws then a treatment plan is completed in order to place your 8 implants. Moreover, a personalized dental bridge is stably attached to your dental implants. The dental implant procedure ensures you a long-lasting row of teeth. 


  • Assess the patient’s case – your dentist will examine physically your oral cavity
  • CT scan which is commonly done to get a 3D imaging of the upper and lower jawbones
  • Those examinations help your dentist have a clear picture of the amount, density, height and width of bone present for a most suitable treatment planning

1st appointment

  • A proposed dental plan discussed for the dentist
  • Answer any questions about the used materials, the cost or the procedure itself
  • After that, the plan process goes further

2nd appointment

  • Your dentist will control if some of your existing teeth in your jawbone have a poor prognosis and need any extractions
  • It will be checked if you have any teeth that cannot be saved and if so, they should be extracted
  • It is also recommended a scaling/deep cleaning, before the procedure

3rd appointment

  • 8 implants are placed in your jawbone for the maximum load distribution
  • A temporary removable bridge is placed on your implants until your next appointment

4th appointment

  • After the healing process is completed then a permanent fixed bridge is placed on the dental implants 

Why Choose Dent Dinamo for your All on 8 Implant Treatment?

Dent Dinamo is a corporation that was created with respect to the needs of the patient, with technological infrastructure, high aesthetics and state-of-the-art equipment. The dental clinics that Dent Dinamo cooperates with, offer a wide range of dental services, from the usual fillings and cleaning of teeth as well as gums to the total restoration of the mouth with implants.

Each patient is unique. We say it and we prove it. We take into account his medical history, we talk to him, we listen to his questions, we organize with him the treatment plan, according to his wishes and needs and we work with him to offer him the beautiful smile he deserves. Discuss your expectations with us before starting your treatment. Our experience and knowledge, the way we work and the high standards of operation and aesthetics that we have set as a prerequisite for the operation of our dental center ensure the expected result without exceptions.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Risks all on 8 Procedure?

The All on 8 implant treatment is a safe and predictable procedure. It is enough to make the right choice of the case by the doctor based on the patient’s history and treatment needs. If the treatment protocols were followed, then the possibility of complications is minimized.

Can I Extract a Tooth and have a Dental Implant the Same Day (Immediate Implant)?

The answer is yes, as long as certain criteria are met and the intervener has the appropriate experience. Only a qualified dentist-implantologist can answer the above question with confidence and if he first collects all the required diagnostic data.

There are cases where due to the presence of active inflammation we have to wait 6-8 weeks after the extraction of the tooth for the placement of the implant. In some cases, the residual bone will also need to be regenerated at the same time as the extraction of the tooth and we will have to wait for about 4 months before the implant is placed.

When the right conditions are in place and we can achieve good primary stability of the implant, we proceed with immediate implantation.
In particularly aesthetically demanding cases, immediate implantation is usually the treatment of our choice. It is easy to understand that the implant treatment is completely individualized and while there are specific protocols, it does not easily fit into molds.

What Should I Take Care of During and After the All on 8 Implant Treatment?

During treatment
As in any treatment, so in implants, the absolute observance of the instructions given by the treating physician is of utmost importance.
Maintaining a very good level of oral hygiene will greatly help in the success of the treatment.
After the treatment
This piece is probably the cornerstone for a good long-term prognosis of implant treatment. We could not emphasize more how important it is:

– the observance of the oral hygiene instructions and the use of the appropriate cleaning means (special toothbrush + interdental brushes) that have been set up by the clinician

– the inclusion of the patient in a program of regular re-examinations by the dentist every 6 months. When the patient is monitored systematically, any problem can be diagnosed and treated in a timely manner.

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