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Laser Dentistry in Albania

Dent Dinamo recommends dental clinics in Albania which invest seven days a week in healing techniques of dental treatments. Laser Dentistry in Albania has evolved a lot in the last years and gives you the most desirable results. The dentists are constantly informed and trained in order to adapt and learn the latest data in the development of dental science.

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Dent Dinamo will give you contacts of a well-trained and highly educated staff who always provide the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment methods in your dental care package. The technology and innovation are only the best of the dental services, while the quality of the products does not leave room to be desired because the products and technology used are from the most certificated brands.

At the Dental Clinics that Dent Dinamo focuses on you will find a welcoming, safe and friendly environment which is going to meet your demands and requests in order to fulfill them. You will be treated with the most innovative dental equipment in order to make every possibility a reality for you. Dent Dinamo provides dental solutions for you and the whole family from a specialized and professional dental staff.

What is Laser Dentistry?

The field of dentistry is constantly evolving, since as technology improves, so do the solutions provided for the dental problems you may face. One of the most enthusiastic areas is laser applications in dental practice.  Dental lasers, or tooth lasers, are a powerful beam of energy, with a specific wavelength, that focuses with precision and clarity on tissue damage. 

They first appeared in the 60’s, however, only in the last 10 years have they evolved and become more and more applied in dentistry. The laser is an amplified monochrome light with a specific wavelength and specific properties. The wavelengths of all lasers belong to the safe field of the visible and infrared region of light radiation and are not related to ultraviolet or other dangerous forms of radiation. The only precautionary measure we take in the doctor’s office is the use of special protective glasses to avoid direct exposure of our eyes to the enhanced laser light.

Who Needs to Have a Laser Dentistry?

The Laser is used in dentistry for:

  • Periodontics: we achieve removal of the granulomatous tissue and sterilization of the follicles,
  • Endodontics: root canal sterilization better and at a greater depth than all other methods, during treatment.
  • Bleaching: the laser light is absorbed by the tooth pigments and achieves the best results and longer lasting than any other method,
  • Teeth desensitization
  • Treatment of aphthae: pain is reduced and healing is faster, – Surgery: rhinectomy, ulectomy, gingivoplasty, removal of small swellings in the soft tissues of the mouth, drainage of abscesses.
  • Removal of abnormal soft tissues (e.g., cysts).
  • Implant detection (removal of soft tissues around the implants).
  • Gum smile correction (aesthetic gum correction).
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Treatment of gingivitis.
  • Treatment of periodontitis.
  • Incision and drainage of periodontal abscesses.
  • Endodontic treatments (denervation).
  • Grinder disclosure, so as to facilitate the eruption of the tooth.
  • Hemostasis.
  • Decreased dental sensitivity.
  • Suture sterilization after extraction.
  • Ulectomy-Gingival (gingival remodeling).
  • Revelation of semi-enclosed, enclosed teeth.
  • Symptomatic treatment of cold sores, etc.
  • Mill lengthening, with excellent aesthetic result, without the patient suffering.
  • Imprints (for prosthetic work) without the use of gum repellent threads, without bleeding, quickly and bloodlessly for the patient.

In addition, due to their strong regenerative action, you can have faster healing and better bone regeneration (qualitatively and quantitatively). Almost all therapeutic operations of Periodontics, from a simple cleansing to the treatment of selected periodontitis, are done with the therapeutic advantages of LASER.

Which are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

We are going to list some of the advantages that Laser Dentistry has:

  • Less pain or lack of pain during cutting and preparation of teeth, e.g., for occlusion (filling), and in soft tissue surgeries (gums, tongue, cheeks, skin).
  • Minimal bleeding during soft tissue surgery
  • There is the possibility of selective tissue removal without affecting the substrate.
  • Reduction of the microbial factor in the area of ​​the operation.
  • Healing time is accelerated with less absorption compared to conventional invasive methods.
  • Improving the result in periodontal treatments
  • Improvement of the postoperative course without pain or swelling after treatment.
  • Faster and safer healing after surgery
  • Safe, fast, denervation with excellent prognosis due to its strong and in-depth microbicidal action.
  • Immediate elimination of pain and rapid healing of aphthous ulcers and herpes, without the patient feeling pain during treatment.
  • Excellent control of bleeding during soft tissue surgery.
  • Greater accuracy
  • Reduced risk of inflammation
  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Less noise than traditional cutting tools with handles
  • There is no vibration production
  • Avoid the residue of aluminum oxide (which remains after the use of aeration methods)  
  • Let’s not forget, too, that one of the most important advantages of the laser is that it does not affect the DNA of cells.

Why is Laser Dentistry a Great Alternative in Albania?

Dental Tourism in Albania is the most exceptional and unique opportunity that you might have in your life. Dental care treatments and vacations in Albania are the perfect combination. Albania has the lowest prices when it comes to your dental health and dental care, as well as the most affordable prices when it comes to lifestyle – food, transport, medication, vacation and so on. The dentists are highly qualified and totally dedicated in order to solve all your dental problems. All of the doctors and dentists speak many foreign languages, such as English, Italian, Greek or Turkish. 

You can find a complete dental package of services which can include your accommodation, transport, reservations and normally your dental care treatments. All of them will be done according to every detail of your stay in Albania, in order for you to finish all your dental treatments and see all the natural scenic places of Albania, as soon as you finish your dental plan. You will have a pleasant, relaxing and at the same time enjoyable stay and experience in Albania.

The most modern equipment as well as the most avant-garde technology is used in dental clinics in Albania to give you the best possible result. Albania is one of the hidden gems of South East Europe. It has the most picturesque beaches, mountains and landscapes. You can check on the comments and read the recommendations of our previous clients, and you will understand why Albania is a great choice for every kind of dental treatment. The many years of experience in the laser dentistry as well as in any other dental treatment distinguish us from any other dental clinic around the world. You will find many foreign customers who have visited us and recommend our services without thinking twice. 

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