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Orthognathic Surgery in Albania

Have you lost all your teeth? Is it caused either with age, or because they broke and you neglected them or was it a result of an accident? This will have a huge negative impact on the appearance of your face, on the quality of your life but at the same time on your self-confidence. For this condition, a new alternative is the All on 4 implants in Albania. Dent Dinamo is here to give a key solution to every dental problem.

Orthognathic Surgery

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There are several reasons why someone would have jaw abnormalities and that is why you should also take good care of your oral hygiene health. Some of the causes are isolated cleft palate, ectodermal dysplasia, jaw injury or fraction, hemifacial microsomia etc. Because of these factors, the work of an orthodontist and surgeon will come handy when the orthodontist will need to position the teeth in a way that they normally occlude to follow jaw surgery and make sure that everything goes as required and planned. After having the procedure, you will not need to stay for long in the hospital to recover, which means you will be required to only stay a night and then return to your house, while paying attention to not having any problems. 

Who Needs Orthognathic Surgery?

Jaw surgery is most commonly performed, because of the fact that your jaw grows at a different time and can normally not be positioned in the right way, which will eventually lead to several problems, such as chewing, speaking, and your aesthetics. There are, also, times that your jaws are misaligned due to some kind of injury or environmental influences, which is the most ordinary case that orthognathic surgery is performed. Some patients have concerns and requirements that can only be addressed through jaw surgery and others have skeletal problems with the only solution of this procedure.  This happens, as braces cannot give a successful or acceptable result when it comes to skeletal problems, while surgery can guarantee them that the final result will be as demanded. However, there are numerous symptoms that can help you understand if you need orthognathic surgery or not. Some of them are:

  • Open bite
  • Problems with sleeping and snoring 
  • The unbalanced appearance of your jawline
  • Chronic jaw pain 
  • Breathing problems
  • Difficulty with chewing and speaking
  • Protruding lower jaw

What are the Benefits of Orthognathic Surgery?

  • Relieve facial pain

Having orthognathic surgery means that you have been through severe symptoms first, and one of them is facial pain, which can be very difficult. Jaw misalignment will make it very hard for you to be able to have a normal routine, such as communicating with people, eating and enjoying your food freely, chewing normal food, etc. These are all symptoms that will slowly irritate you and leave you with the suffering from normal life. However, this kind of procedure can fix your abnormalities, which will release you from the pain.

  • Improve obstructive sleep apnea

This disease will increase your sleeping problems. The function of it is to not let you take breaths from time to time, which means that your breathing will temporarily stop during your sleep. This happens, due to the fact that it will narrow the space between your airways, making it very hard for you to be able to breathe as you would normally do. The treatment of jaw surgery will create more space in your airways, as your upper and lower jawbones will be moved forward, which will ease your pain.

  • Correct the size of your jaw

Most times, when patients need jaw surgery, it means that their jaws have not been growing at the same time, creating jaw abnormalities or misalignment. This can occur due to two reasons, either from underdevelopment or overgrowth. It is a symptom that can get pretty annoying when seeing yourself in the mirror, as well as very frustrating when doing normal activities. However, this procedure is used to correct uneven jews by positioning your lower jaw forward or by reducing your jaws, in order to make them more equivalent.  

  • Fix your open bite

Jaw misalignment will create big problems for ordinary activities. Having this kind of issue will affect the way you eat and bite negatively. You will not be able to eat normally, as your molars will touch, but your front teeth will not be able to touch. This will generate the problem of an open bite, which will make you quite uncomfortable when you are around people and lower your self-esteem. The moment you decide to have orthognathic surgery, your jaw will be equal and it will allow you to be confident again.

Why Choosing Orthognathic Surgery in Albania is a Great Choice?

Your well-being is the most important thing in your life and dental health surely has a part in your well-being. It is quite ordinary that you would want to trust your health to someone that would be capable of giving you exactly what you require and would provide you with the proper information and treatment. Dent Dinamo is the directory to take care of all this, just by listening and paying attention to your needs. 

Having oral health problems has shown to be a big part of our everyday life, nowadays, which means that most people do not pay proper attention to it. Dent Dinamo will assure you the most excellent and most qualified dentists and orthodontists to take care of your needs. We provide the most outstanding services in Albania and surely you will be surprised to get them with the lowest budget. Albania is well known for its reasonable and cheap prices, however, we can make sure to find the best-rated clinics for you, at the right moment, with the most proper discounts. Our aim is to guarantee that we find for you a friendly and comfortable environment, with the most skillful dentists, in order for you to have the results you have always wanted.

 Dent Dinamo will be with you through every step of your treatment and make sure that you have the greatest smile and confidence at the end of the final session. Contact us now in our email info@dentdinamo.com to get more information or make sure to check our website www.dentdinamo.com to see the multiple choices we can provide for you. 

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