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Dental Dinamo can lead you to the best dental clinics in Albania, which will come up with the most affordable and comprehensive care service for your Invisalign Treatment in Albania as well as any other dental treatment that you might need.


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The main focus of Dent Dinamo is to offer to its clients numerous dental services solutions. It does not matter if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Switzerland or Italy – we aim to help you organize both a trip in Albania and be provided with an advanced dental care treatment. Dent Dinamo can head you to clinics of the highest standards and which make use of innovative techniques. 

Dent Dinamo directs you to dental clinics in Albania which have the greatest quality of Invisalign in Tirana. You will feel convenient while our staff treats you and provides the best Invisalign methods in Albania. Each one of the dentists that Dent Dinamo suggests to you, creates the most economical and of the greatest quality treatment plan for your personal needs. 

What are Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign treatment is the process of using a series of transparent, removable braces which little by little straighten your teeth. Without any braces or wires, and none of the restrictions that accompany the metal braces.

While traditional orthodontic treatment uses braces, new invisible orthodontic techniques such as Invisalign promise to correct crooked teeth without the unsightly appearance of metal wires. They are aimed mainly at adolescents and adults, who want to complete their orthodontic treatment without being perceived and without complicating their work, social life, their outings and activities, but also their interpersonal relationships – especially with the opposite sex.

With the usage of state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology, Invisalign presents your thoroughgoing treatment plan, based on the prescription given by your professional dentist, from the initial situation of your teeth to the final desired stage. As a further step, a series of transparent braces (Invisalign Braces) are created especially for your teeth so that they move little by little through their right position.

Who is in Need of Invisalign Braces?

Get to know some of the orthodontic anomalies that Invisalign cures, when you are consulted from an experienced, specialized and certified Orthodontist.

Crooked Crowded Teeth

When a denture has a lack of space in order for all the teeth to feet then this is called crooked crowded teeth. This kind of disorder appears in adolescence and it is boosted later when the wisdom teeth rise. Additionally, it boosts the chance of developing periodontitis in your gums. This happens for the reason that crooked teeth are delicate to brush and clean while at the same time their appropriate functioning is burdened. 

Teeth with Gaps Between them

When you have a further space betwixt your teeth which might be as a result of a small tooth, the big growth of the jaws, the lack of some teeth or even the anterior insertion of your tongue. When teeth are missing, then the adjacent teeth move in the direction of the gap, and as a result then the spaces between your teeth are generalized.  

Cross Closures

Cross Closures appear just as soon as the upper and the lower jaws are not aligned. This comes as a result of the “closure” of one or more teeth of the upper jaw on the inside and not the outside of the lower teeth – as the normal procedure. This can appear on both the front and / or sides of your mouth. 

This kind of malformation might cause tooth decay, gum disease or even asymmetries in your face if appeared in preadolescence and left untreated.


When the upper teeth notably overlap the lower teeth the hyper-occlusion (or deep bite) appears. This happens as a result of the increased bone growth in the anterior jaw area. Ordinarily, in human beings the upper teeth accurately “shield” the lower teeth with the consequence that there does not exist a conventional support of the front teeth between them. 

Sometimes, hyper-occlusion is related with hereditary factors during the time that detrimental habits intensify the growth of the bones in the front of the jaws.

This kind of disorder is better to be treated in teenage years, in view of the fact that later it might lead to periodontal diseases, abrasions of the lower extremities and pain or degeneration of the temporomandibular joints.  

Reverse Cross Closure

Reverse Cross Closure comes as a result of the front lower teeth protruding on the far side of the analogous upper teeth. It usually comes as a consequence of the underdevelopment of the upper jaw, disproportionate of the lower jaw, or even the amalgamation of one and the other. The ingrained lack of the upper teeth might also bring about underdevelopment of the upper jaw. 

This deformity hinders the ordinary function of your front teeth and molars, which can head to tooth decay. After a period of time, it can cause pain or even the dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign Braces?

At a lower position, we are going to list some of the advantages that Invisalign Braces have:

  • They are invisible
  • They are easily removed by the patient e.g., at meal time or at an important meeting
  • The patient maintains perfect oral hygiene, as he can remove them when brushing
  • They are very precise in their movements, designed by computer
  • They can make minor corrections in the position of the teeth, as a first aid step, to then place implants, crowns or porcelain faces
  • Absence of emergencies from detached braces and sharp wires
  • No need for monthly visits. Possibility of appointment every 3 or more months
  • Absence of monthly adjustments / activations in the mouth. Instead of orthodontist changing wires and / or rubbers per month at the doctor’s office, you change the membrane yourself every 5 days at home
  • Absence of “prohibition” of certain foods (which happens with sticky braces) such as hard cereals, pastels, nuts, popcorn, etc.
  • Seamless continuation of Invisalign treatment even during periods of quarantine, military service, pregnancy, professional obligations abroad, etc., without the possibility of creating emergencies / needs
  • Less time in the dental chair, without the need for time-consuming activations as is the case with stationary devices and especially with tongue braces
  • Fewer appointments at the doctor’s office in total, avoiding unnecessary travel
  • Aesthetic treatment clearly better (more discreet) than that with external transparent ceramic braces
  • Possibility to perform magnetic brain / neck in case of medical emergency / indication
  • Possibility of orthodontic treatment in phobic patients, in patients with diabetes mellitus and in patients with nickel allergy. In general, the treatment is indicated for patients with a medical history that would not allow the use of a stationary device (“glued braces”) or medical conditions that make repeated visits to a doctor’s office prohibitive.
  • Possibility of orthodontic treatment for singers and professionals of wind instruments

Why are Invisalign Braces a Good Option in Albania?

First of all, the cost of Invisalign Braces in Albania is 1/5 of the average cost in other countries and cities around the world. Albania has the most competitive prices for Invisalign Braces and at the same time adheres to the same quality as the expensive services in the European or Balkan dental market. 

Choosing dental tourism for Invisalign in Albania is a big advantage. We refer to the best dentists who are specialized and offer an extremely high quality of services with the most antagonistic prices. 

Thanks to the many years of experience, of the clinics that Dent Dinamo suggests you, you can find trustworthy dentists who will provide thousands of suitable solutions and options for you. This comes for the purpose of meeting the personal needs of each client especially while keeping him or her satisfied with the dental services that clinics in Albania dispense.

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