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Sedation Dentistry Treatments & Procedures in Albania

Dent Dinamo is proud to have a collaboration with the most comfortable and professional dental clinics in Albania, which offer the best services of Sedation Dentistry in Albania. You can find every type and procedure of sedation dentistry, in the greatest level of services provided. The state-of-the-art and all-digital offices that the clinics have, are of the best quality that dentistry has to offer.

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Experienced professionals, who have studied abroad at the borders, are here to meet all the dental needs of each patient. As a patient you will feel comfortable while you receive every kind of dental care that you need. The dental professionals that Dent Dinamo suggests are highly experienced, compassionate as well as certified in the field of dentistry. At the same time, the dental materials, technologies and techniques that are used are of the latest improvements in the dental field and will make your treatment painless, gentle and as efficient as possible.

Dent Dinamo is the right place to look for clinics with the best quality of dental services in Tirana, Albania. We are the most appropriate place for anyone to come, and simply complete all the dental treatments and procedures which need to be done. You, as a client, will be provided with quickly, safe keeping and efficient care, all in one place. 

What is Sedation Dentistry?

A visit to the dentist is often associated with unpleasant and painful sensations, which can cause an increase in blood pressure and adrenaline levels. To reduce the feeling of anxiety, medication is used for dental treatment, which effectively calms the patient.

The person is relaxed, and at the same time reacts to the doctor’s voice, following his instructions. Dental treatment such as sedation involves the administration of medication that can cause patients a condition similar to sleep. At this point, you have to understand that the procedure with the usage of sedatives is significantly different from anesthesia. The drugs used are not addictive in patients and can be used at absolutely any age.

The levels of sedation used in dentistry, include:

  • Minimal Sedation – the patient is awake, although calmed and relaxed.
  • Moderate Sedation (otherwise called “conscious sedation”) – the patient might mumble words when speaking, and not memorize a lot of things from the procedure.
  • Deep Sedation – in this case, the patient is on the edge of awareness but may yet be awakened.
  • General Anesthesia – at this stage the patient is insensible in every way. 

Who is in Need of Sedation Dentistry Treatments and Procedures?

The patients who can use the above therapeutic approach, are as mentioned below:

  • Phobic patients
  • Children with difficulty in cooperating
  • People with special needs (Disabled)
  • Patients with motor control or mental problems
  • Patients with mental illness
  • Patients receiving medication
  • Patients with a strong vomiting reflex
  • Patients undergoing implant surgery
  • Patients undergoing closed and unclosed dental surgeries
  • Patients who are undergoing complex surgeries (incision extraction, implants, bone grafts)

Your general health condition, along with your physical and mental condition that you may be competing for the time being, are principal in order to be able to cautiously undergo specific types of sedation, specifically at the dental clinic. There are some conditions, such as: cardiac diseases, hypertension, diabetes and respiratory diseases, that require clearance from your dentist – for the reason that they should be addressed in the first place, in order to prescribe the right type of sedation. 

Moreover, your dentist is going to take a detailed medical history and physical assessment before he proceeds. If it is needed, your physician will recommend you a medical product in order to be provided with home care, on the right path. You might also be asked to submit a medical clearance from your physician, too.

What are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry Treatments and Procedures?

Compared to anesthesia, sedation has clear advantages, thanks to which it can be used in a dental clinic. The benefits of sedation, include:

  • The ability to go through rather unpleasant procedures without pain.
  • Maintaining consciousness with the ability to adequately respond to the doctor’s instructions.
  • Lack of memory of the procedure performed in most patients.
  • Spontaneous human breathing.
  • Maintain all reflexes of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Suppressive drugs are milder.
  • Waking up is easier and faster than after general anesthesia.
  • After cessation of action of the drug, patients practically do not feel nausea and vomiting.
  • When immersed in a light sleep, there are no feelings of fear, discomfort or anxiety.
  • Sedation allows complete reorganization of the oral cavity for patients in whom treatment under local anesthesia is impossible for one reason or another.
  • After treatment, no negative emotions or fear remain.
  • A large number of dental handlings can be performed in one session.
  • The duration of the operation can be longer than 8 hours, while the patient does not feel tired.
  • It is possible to adjust the depth of sleep.
  • You can have an immediate return to your social life.

Why Sedation Dentistry Treatments and Procedures are a Considerable Alternative, in Albania?

Tirana, has nowadays turned into an immensely popular tourist destination. It is a colorful city full of life, laughter and fun, which is now recommended by everyone. Now, you have the opportunity to combine a visit in Albania and as well complete all your dental care treatments. You will have the same quality of dental services, or even better, and with a much more reasonable and affordable price for everyone. 

When deciding to have dental tourism in Albania then you automatically save up to 50% of your expenses. Except for the field of dentistry, everything else has a low price in Albania and that gives you the chance to have a complete package of cheap holidays as well as smiling again with your new teeth, without experiencing a lot of pain. 

On the other hand, the materials used in dental clinics in Tirana, have the CE mark and also have an ISO Certificate. That means that the quality of the materials is extremely good and the professionalism of the dentists is of the greatest level. Apart from this, the dental treatments guarantee you longevity which means that you will not need to treat the dental problems that you might have, again in the future. In Albania, your dental care treatment will be safe, secure, relaxed and at the same time enjoyable. 

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