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X-Ray Scanning in Albania – 3D Dental X-Ray

Even though dentists can have a very good view of your teeth and gums, it cannot be the same when they use equipment, such as 3D dental x-ray. Having issues with your oral health means that you have not been paying the right attention to it and sometimes it can be very strenuous to detect where the problem is and how you could solve it. Dental X-rays are now available and commonly used by most dentists, to help them understand and see where the issue of your pain might be. However, it is logical that they can be quite costly.

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The directory of Dent Dinamo can provide you with specialists in every field in oral health, which are equipped with the best technological techniques and imaging. We can provide you with the most professional orthodontists, in order for them to help you and support you in working safer and faster. We guarantee you a safe and friendly environment with the most economical and low-cost budget. Dent Dinamo is a directory to assist you through contacting the service of the best experts and providing you with the benefits of digital technology. 

What is 3D Dental X-Ray? 

3D Dental X-Rays is defined as the 3-dimensional structure of tissues with high-resolution imaging and it is shown to be very helpful in the world of oral health. It is a way for dentists to control your gums and teeth better and get a better assessment of your teeth and skull, in order to detect the complications you have, as well as the solution for them. It is equipped to take hundreds of images in one single scan, which means you do not need to readjust a machine into place for each image. Using 3D Dental X-Rays will also keep you safer, as it does not use a lot of radiation. There are different types of x-rays and the best part is that the dentist gets to decide what kind of exposure to use to the patient, which means that you will not have as high a risk of your health as you would with other tools. 

The procedure goes with steps. Firstly, you need to remove every kind of jewelry, eyeglasses, or any other device that could interfere with the scan. Then, you should stand in one place, so the camera can take images of your head while you do not move and you are exposed to only small amounts of radiation, during a very short period of time, as the whole procedure takes around 10-40 seconds. It is not likely that you will need a retake, as the first one gives your dentist the proper information of what he/she needs. This technology can help your orthodontists to improve your experience and make you feel more comfortable. 

Who Needs 3D Dental X-Rays? 

There are several conditions that make it necessary for dentists to use 3D Dental X-rays in order to assure the diagnosis they are thinking of and create a treatment plan specifically for that.  This equipment will help the dentist see the exact tooth’s length, height, and width, without causing you any pain. Clinics use this kind of x-ray to see the details that affect the nerve pathways, soft tissues, bone health, and many other factors. This will assist them in finding the proper and safest treatment for the issue you might have. Using this tool means that dentists will be able to detect even dental emergencies early, with the advantage of saving you a big amount of money. Some of the cases that it might be used are:

  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Accurate placement of dental implants
  • Evaluation of the sinuses, jaw, nasal cavity, and nerve canals
  • Determining bone structure and tooth orientation
  • Surgical planning of impacted teeth
  • Detecting, measuring, and treating jaw tumors
  • Diagnosis of temporomandibular joint disorders 
  • Identifying early signs of dental disease
  • Preparing for orthodontic treatments

Benefits of 3D Dental X-Ray 

1- Diagnostic accuracy

Three-dimensional scans are able to detect problems that other equipment simply cannot between many types of tissue, such as infections, abnormal sinus anatomy, joint dysfunction, and pathology. These kinds of diseases can easily be visualized and identified through three-dimensional x-rays, which gives the patient the proper time to get help and the dentist the privilege of treating you as soon as possible and without the high risk that would come after. Any other method would not be as effective, which would lead to you not treating it at the right time and making it much worse. 

2- Safer radiations

Radiations from x-rays are the biggest fear of most patients as the amount of radiation that you are exposed to might be more than your body can endure and could easily lead you to cancer. This might make you feel very uncomfortable and you may not be open to the idea, which means that you will not be able to get the treatment you need. However, with 3d dental x-rays, your specialist will be able to decide the amount of radiation that you should be exposed to and there will be no risk for your health. 

3- Save your time

It is proven that by using normal traditional x-rays you will be needed to take one picture at a time and this will normally take a lot of time from your schedule, as if something goes wrong you will have to take it again or repeat the whole process. However, with three-dimensional scans, you can save up your time. This kind of tool takes hundreds of images in a single scan, which means that even the moment that something goes wrong, you will not need to repeat it, as there are many others you can use. 

4- Customizable X-rays

Three-dimensional x-rays give you the advantage of you choosing how you want to set up the decision, according to the quality you would prefer. This scan could be rotated, enhanced, magnified, and annotated so you could have a better understanding view of the issue and the best treatment or surgical option for you. This will also help dentists to prevent any problems from becoming bigger in the future. This is something that traditional x-rays do not give you the ability to decide for. Two-dimensional x-rays can only come in one exposure, making dentists much more limited. 

Why 3D Dental X-rays in Albania is a Great Choice?

Dent Dinamo will make sure to contact you with the most friendly and qualified team to help you find out your issue. The offices we will provide for you have the leading tools in the industry, in order to give you access to the best dental services for you and your family. Our directory will secure that you get the best experience possible at the clinics we cooperate with. What matters for us is your oral health and personal comfort and that is why we will part you with the most dedicated and well-trained team of dentists. Although dental equipment has shown to be expensive enough, Dent Dinamo does not only make sure that you get the best service, but also the most reasonable and affordable prices. We are determined to help and guide you through every question you will have until we make sure that you are pleased with the act of assistance you are getting. It is very important for you to know that through every session, you feel comfortable and happy, until the very last one that you get your final results and finally regain your confidence in your appearance. Be sure that when you decide to trust us, you will understand that in Tirana, Albania you will find the best x-ray dental services. Make sure to contact us at our email info@dentdinamo.com so we can assist you or check our website www.dentdinamo.com if you feel like you need more information. 

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