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Dental Tourism Albania: Dentist in Albania – Dent Dinamo

Find the best deals for dental tourism in Albania. Choose the right dentist in Albania for your teeth replacement. Best dentist in Albania prices. Dent Dinamo can help you choose the right clinic, and the right dental tourism packages without having to worry about the quality of any procedure.

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Dental Tourism Albania: Dentist in Albania – Dent Dinamo

Are you planning to accomplish your dental and oral care treatments? You want to be provided with the most efficient dental services and at the same time visit a magnificent place? Then we strongly suggest to you one of the best alternatives in Europe that completely fulfills all your dental tourism requirements. 

Albania is today one of the most popular locations for dental tourists from all over the world. Dental Tourism in Albania offers to its tourists a unique dental journey that cannot be experienced anywhere else in Europe. Tirana is a great choice for dental care abroad, and it is not difficult to understand the reasons why.

Every year, the number of travelers who decide to visit Albania, both for tourism as well as to improve their dental health, is increasing. Thus, if you are thinking of planning a trip abroad for dental treatment, you must consider Albania as your host country – it is an ideal place for you to relax and improve your dental health.

Smile & Save Money

With dental tourism in Albania you can get a professional dental treatment while saving up to 70% compared to Europe.

Travel for Free

You heard that right! Our packages include free flight tickets & premium taxi service for all patients. 

Free Accomodation

Besides a free flight ticket, you also get free accommodation in our Hotel throughout your entire trip to Albania. 

Unique Vacation

This time, you will not only earn the smile you deserve, but also explore the beautiful Albania. You will love it

When we refer to dental tourism in Albania, then the first question that comes to our mind is: What has made dental tourism such a popular phenomenon? Well, apparently, the current reason why people have started traveling abroad in order to complete their dental treatments is the low cost. 

These days, the health insurance packages do not cover all the dental treatments that are necessary for people. Unfortunately, the larger number of dental and oral treatments have never been reasonable or cost-effective. For this reason, when dental tourism appeared then it made sense to start traveling abroad in order to receive those costly dental treatments and at the same time combine your vacations. 

This phenomenon developed a new whole market that is now called dental tourism. This situation offers you the opportunity to enjoy spectacular sightseeing and scenic views as well as benefit dental care treatments which are affordable and of the greatest quality.

Albania has a lot to offer to its visitors, in cultural, natural, touristic as well as healthcare sense. For this reason, it is undoubtedly a very popular destination for dental tourism.

Albania and Dental Tourism: What You Need to Know

Health maintenance, rejuvenation as well as relaxation filled with incredible experiences. This is what Albania has to offer for those people who are looking for a pleasant and at the same time health-focused recreation. The exceptional natural beauties and values of the country guarantee a spare time which can be combined with dental and oral health benefits. A large number of services and specialized clinics await citizens and those who want to relax.

What is more, Albania has become one of the countries that has the best quality when referred to in terms of modern dental practice and cosmetic surgery. For this reason, if you want to improve your oral health, then Albania is the ideal place for you.

What makes dental tourism in Albania particularly alluring is the exceptional cost-benefit ratio. Albania offers a wide range of high-quality dental services at a much lower cost than many European countries. The treatments are performed by experienced and specialized dentists in modern dental centers and under exceptional safety conditions.

On the whole, the dental packages which include all the details, are always of a high standard and can be combined with the services of recreational tourism.

Why Do People Choose Dental Tourism?

Statistics show that dental patients move when they have appropriate motivations. Those motivations usually include:

  • the price difference that justifies moving and staying in another country
  • the high quality of services provided abroad
  • the possibility of getting acquainted with the destination and the ease of moving inside the city
  • visiting interesting and remarkable tourist destination

Top treatments and packages

“All on 4”(4 implants) with 12/14 fixed zirconia teeth

Airport-Hotel-Airport transport
Reimbursement of the first Plane Ticket for the Patient only
Accommodation in our hotel for 5 nights(2 people)
Tourist recommendations for Tirana
Temporary mobile or fixed prosthesis
Orthopantomography (2D) / 3D CBCT Scanner

“All on 6”(6 implants) with 12/14 fixed zirconia teeth

Airport-Hotel-Airport transport
Reimbursement of the first Plane Ticket for the Patient only
Accommodation in our hotel for 5 nights(2 people)
Tourist recommendations for Tirana
Temporary mobile or fixed prosthesis
Orthopantomography (2D) / 3D CBCT Scanner

“All on 8”(8 implants) with 12/14 fixed zirconia teeth

Airport-Hotel-Airport transport
Reimbursement of the first Plane Ticket for the Patient only
Accommodation in our hotel for 5 nights(2 people)
Tourist recommendations for Tirana
Temporary mobile or fixed prosthesis
Orthopantomography (2D) / 3D CBCT Scanner
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What are the Cost Savings of Dental Tourism?

People travel all over the world in order to get quality dental care for a huge discount compared to the price they will pay in their country. The average price is lower than 40% up to 80% less when compared with European countries.

All on 4€ 4.000€ 9.000€ 10.000£ 12.000CHF 17.000
All on 6€ 5.000€ 11.000€ 13.000£ 16.000CHF 21.000
All on 8€ 6.000€ 13.000€ 16.000£ 20000CHF 25.000
Zirconia Crown€ 250€ 500€ 650£ 800CHF 1.100
Dental Implant€ 400€ 1.500€ 1.600£ 1700CHF 3.000
Veneers€ 350€ 450€ 800£ 700CHF 1.450

Things To Do in Albania

Doubtlessly, some days are not quite sufficient to see all the beauties that this country has to offer. Albania offers you a wide range of opportunities that you should not miss. Let us explore and go through the best views of Albania. 

Qafë Shtamë National Park

Enjoy the astonishing nature in Qafë-Shtamë National Park which is located in central Albania and lies on the edge of the mountains, just north of Tirana, the capital of Albania. This park consists of tall green trees, high peaks, valleys as well as rolling hills. It is an ideal destination if you want to explore Albania on foot.

Krujë’s National Ethnographic Museum

Explore the traditional house of Ottoman’s which is now a museum. At the National Ethnographic Museum of Krujë you can investigate the traditional Albanian life throughout the centuries. 

Krujë’s Castle

Near the National Ethnographic Museum of Krujë you can discover the beautiful Castle of Krujë, which also includes the Skanderbeg Museum. You can explore this museum in just a few hours because it is a relatively small museum. 

National Historical Museum in Tirana

At the National Historical Museum you can get more detailed information on the history of Albania. After visiting the National Museum you will look at the landmarks with a wider understanding. 

Tirana’s Grand Park

Tirana’s Grand Park is the most appropriate destination if you are looking for a peaceful and scenic place. The lake is the best place to escape the crowded places of Tirana. 

The Orthodox Autocephalous Church

This church has an outstanding architecture, both on the outside and the inside part. A modern church with a very different design than what we have usually seen. 

Art and Communist History at Bunk’Art

Take the opportunity and visit the Bunk’Art Museum. It is a five-floor art and history museum which proclaims the communist past of Albania. 

Skanderbeg Square

The square which is located in the city center of Tirana, is named after the national hero Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu. The main venue of celebrations in Tirana and Albania take place in the square. Around it you can explore many attractions, such as the Palace of Culture, the Et’hem Bey Mosque, the Clock Tower, the National Library as well as various Ministries of Albania. 

Tirana’s Historic Clock Tower

The historic Clock Tower is found on Skanderbeg Square. The Tower offers you a breathtaking view of the entire Tirana.  

A fascinating gallery of art which will immediately attract your interest. At the Historic Art in the National Gallery, you can find more than 4,100 works of art by both local and international artists. 

Mother Teresa Square

Visit another fascinating place where you can watch a daily Albanian lifestyle. The Mother Teresa Square is a home to the University of Tirana and is an interesting place to take some unique pictures.

Dajti Ekspres

Take a 1-kilometer-long ride and explore the major highlights of Tirana. At the top of Dajti Ekspres you can find a tourist complex boasting restaurants and hotels as well as a spectacular view of Tirana. This place is named “the Balcony of Tirana” and the reason why is visible. 

Mount Dajti National Park

Mount Dajti is one of the most attractive places in Tirana. You can access it while traveling by cable car, driving or you can even go hiking and explore each unique corner of it. There are many roads that lead you into forests and along ridges, where you can find phenomenal scenic views.

Tirana’s Preze Castle

At the city center of Tirana, you can find the ruins of Preze Castle which takes you back several centuries. It has four towers and you can find many different coffees or restaurants where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view. 

Baitul Avval Mosque

Visit one of the largest Mosques in Albania. The Baitul Avval Mosque is located in the capital city of Albania and is unquestionably the largest one in Tirana. 

Botanic Garden of Tirana

The Botanic Garden of Tirana was opened in 1964 and covers 15 hectares. It has countless species of plants and flowers that you can admire.

Being a small country, Albania gives you the opportunity to explore so many places, relax and enjoy scenic views at once. 

Why to Choose Dent Dinamo for Dental Tourism

Dent Dinamo cooperates with clinics that offer dental services of an excellent quality. The dental clinics in Tirana that Dent Dinamo represents are specialized in Oral Implantology, Cosmetic Dentistry as well as Dental Care. With Dent Dinamo you can experience the most remarkable dental vacation in Albania also well known as affordable dental tourism in Albania.

Every clinic has a welcoming and inviting structure. This comes from the competitive prices that dental tourism in Albania offers as well as from the state-of-art equipment that dental clinics in Dent Dinamo provide. 

At Dent Dinamo we believe that our patients are not just tourists for us, but patients, with particularity and sensitivity to time, appointments, the accuracy of treatment as well as the completion of the “journey”. The main axes of our philosophy are health, functionality, strength, quality, as well as the effort not just for the best but for the perfect. 

We complete all your dental needs and we offer modern and competitive tourism services in Albania. Our aim is to provide the best dental care possible for you and create a pleasant stay experience in Albania while you complete your dental treatments. We guarantee you the most exceptional dental and professional care. You can solidly trust Dent Dinamo for your Dental Tourism in Albania!

How Dental Tourism Works at Dent Dinamo

At Dent Dinamo we have put an order to the entire process of your dental vacation in Albania, in order to spend your time efficiently. In this case, we will have an effective plan regardless of the distance and the time limitations of your dental treatment procedure. Your dental tourism plan will be divided and organized in the following steps:

Part 1

Once you contact Dent Dinamo then you will inform the dental clinic about all the necessary details of your medical and dental history in order to collect all the proper dental records (x-rays, and so on). This will give us the opportunity to formulate and organize a customized treatment plan which will be based on all your dental needs, requirements and expectations. Right at this time, you will be informed about the price and duration of your dental treatment plan. One of our dentists will present you with your treatment program, via e-mail or skype. In this manner, you will have a detailed explanation of the various treatment options that you have. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that might bother you and our dentists will answer all of them.

Part 2

Once we have an agreement with you, about the proposed treatment plan then the patient care representatives of Dent Dinamo will help you with your flight reservations and accommodation. Depending on your dental treatment needs, our company will refer you to the most suitable dental office of our Dent Dinamo network. In this case, we are going to book the appropriate and necessary appointments for your dental needs. 

Part 3

Upon your arrival, we can arrange your transport to the dental clinic where you will meet our specialized dentists, have an examination and in the end the clinic will collect the additional diagnostic information which are required in order to complete all the diagnostic stages. The final treatment stage will be discussed in advance and then your treatment will begin.

Part 4

Throughout the time of your stay and for as long as your treatment plan is in progress, one of our representatives will be at your disposal again, in order to organize the free time activities that you might desire to complete.

Part 5

Just as soon as you leave for your homeland, you will be provided with all the documentation of your dental work and the x-rays that we will take to our dental clinic. What’s more, we are sure that you will leave with very good memories and impressions, as all the staff and dentists of Dent Dinamo will do their best in order to make your stay in Albania a pleasant and relaxing experience. In the end, leaving a nice dental tourism in Albania review will help others discover this amazing opportunity too.

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